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Love generously,

Give cheerfully,

Learn constantly,

Be Inspired”

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“Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding”

Proverbs 3:13

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  • Appreciate Stars
    lately i find myself thinking about people whom we are close to, known and unknown.Thinking about friends we keep,friends we have never met, colleagues,church members,strangers,every association in mind. With all that mentioned comes different traits: 1. The Perfectionists,those whom “wrong” or “mistake” nor “failure” doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. 2. The Narcissists, those who areContinue reading “Appreciate Stars”
  • Contentment
    All my life I have been longing for worldly attention, Attention brought by having noble possessions, Things like worldly treasures, Things like affection and pleasure, Mostly from corrupt companions, Always thought that If I had friends, whom would value my worth, Then I would be pleased, I would forget about difficult circumstances I have toContinue reading “Contentment”
  • Creep Creeps Back
    Today i had to ask permission from a dear friend of mine to share her story with the bloggers and obviously she didn’t mind. I got inspired by “may we always have friends blogger,Cindy” where she was talking about friends we keep, and that precisely led me to sharing my dear friend’s testimony. I hopeContinue reading “Creep Creeps Back”
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